September 2014 Apologetic Potpourri

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pollensSeptember has flown by and I have not been able to blog very much. Graduate school has begun again for me and our congregation is moving into a new auditorium, so life is pretty hectic around here. However, I’ve not forgotten that I owe you all another Apologetic Potpourri! This month is full of interesting features, including a rebuttal of Richard Dawkins from Antony Flew, lectures on Tolkien and more, N.T. Wright on C.S. Lewis, the utter failure of the recent Bicep 2 discovery, John Lennox on intelligent design, and William Lane Craig on the fine tuning argument. Enjoy!

1. Antony Flew Reviews The God Delusion

Antony Flew was once a leading intellectual atheist. Late in life, he changed his view. This link points you toward his review of Richard Dawkins’ best-seller. Here is the big point: “This whole business makes all too clear that Dawkins is not interested in the truth as such but is primarily concerned to discredit an ideological opponent by any available means.”

2. Torry Talks on Chesterton, Tolkien, and Sayers

Can’t get enough of these English greats? Here are some interesting lectures on these famous authors.

3. Wright on Lewis

What could be better than one of my favorite authors writing about another of my favorite authors!?! Here is N.T. Wright reviewing C.S. Lewis.

4. Gravitational Wave Discovery Debunked

A while back, news broke about the impressive discovery of evidence related to gravitational waves that “proved the Big Bang.” The news was broadcasted loudly on every corner. Much more quietly, it has been determined that the big discovery never happened. The Bicep2 team actually found … nothing.

5. John Lennox on Intelligent Design

6. Fine Tuning Video from William Lane Craig

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