October 2014 Apologetic Potpourri

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potpourri9How could it already be the end of October! Time is really flying here and life has never been more hectic. However, there is always a little time for apologetics. This month’s apologetic potpourri focuses on lists of classical (and less classical) theistic arguments. Some are better than others, but here they are for you to consider. The collection includes seven reasons to believe in God from Apologetics Press, ten arguments collected from the rich tradition of Christian theism, “two dozen or so” arguments from the mighty Alvin Plantinga, and finally a video from Plantinga responding to typical atheistic objections. Enjoy!

1. “7 Reasons to Believe in God”

The nice people at Apologetics Press have assembled this list of plausible arguments for God’s existence. They state: “What we have at our fingertips, however, is a mountain of irrefutable, indirect, credible evidence that testifies on God’s behalf.” I would prefer we called these plausible rather than “irrefutable,” but you can decide that for your self. This list ran in the October issue of Reason & Revelation. It got me to thinking … how many arguments are there really?

2. “10 Arguments for the Existence of God”

After a little searching, I found that Ben Giselbach over at plainsimplefaith.com posted this list last year. His list includes fairly brief summaries. There are certainly more detailed considerations for each argument out there, but this is a good starting place.

3. “Two Dozen (Or So) Theistic Arguments”

But wait! Are you still holding out for a more exhaustive and outrageously technical list of theistic arguments? Well, Alvin Plantinga’s got you covered. The link above is to notes for a lecture of some kind that he gave. I am trying to find this list in a little better format, but this will have to do for now. Warning: the difficulty level on this reading is high. And so …

4. Alvin Plantinga “Arguing God’s Existence”

This video features Plantinga’s simpler rebuttals to common atheistic objections. He is fun to listen to for me, so I hope you enjoy him as well. I am writing a paper on some of Plantinga’s work right now, so expect more of him on the blog in the future.

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