May 2014 Apologetic Potpourri

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potpourri6The month is almost over, so it is time once more for a little Apologetic Potpourri. This is a list of articles and resources that I found interesting combined with my own little musings about them. The month of May features a return to the discussion of the “wife of Jesus” papyrus, a few thoughts on ex nihilo creation from the nice folks at Biologos, two helpful reviews of Bart Ehrman’s new book, and finally a spectacular lecture by John Lennox on miracles and worldviews. Enjoy!

1. The Wife of Jesus Papyrus

This little item made a lot of news a while back, but the story has been no more than a low hum since that time. Most scholars reckon that the papyrus is a forgery. Here are a few articles to help with the debate, and a Jon Stewart video clip that is probably better than all of them.

Ryan Scheel, “The So-Called ‘Jesus Wife’ Papyrus Shown To Be Forgery”

Noah Weiner, “The “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” Papyrus Revisited”

Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show: John Steward Mocks Research Suggesting that Jesus Had a Wife (Video)”

2. “Getting Some-thing From No-thing” by Ted Davis

Modern cosmologists have developed a little trick of avoiding the question of ex nihilo creation by suggesting unusual definitions of “nothing.” For example, maybe nothing actual meanings a particular model of space empty of ordinary matter. What Davis discusses is the traditional argument over ex nihilo creation and why it remains a significant question of concern.

3. Reviews of How Jesus Became God

Bart Ehrman recently published the simply misleading text, How Jesus Became God. In case you run across it, I recommend equipping yourself with the following two reviews. The first is by Larry Hurtado, author of the excellent text, Lord Jesus Christ: Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity. The second is by my friend Cole Feix, with whom I recently got to engage in a lot of discussion of this work in graduate classes at Oklahoma Christian.

Larry Hurtado, “How Jesus became ‘God,’ per Ehrman”

Cole Feix, “How Jesus Became God – Bart Ehrman”

4. John Lennox on Worldviews and Miracles at Harvard

This lecture is nothing short of exceptional. If you have ever read Richard Dawkins and wondered about the conflict between science and faith, this lecture is a must. Plus, he’s Irish and therefore fun to listen to!

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