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Low Church Lectionarians

What Does "Low Church" Mean?

Some churches have a strict format for their worship that comes from ages of tradition and history. They follow a schedule, called a liturgy, for their services, readings, readings of creeds, prayers, and rituals. The schedule of readings that guides the church through the year is commonly called a lectionary. These churches are said to be "High Church."

Other churches, like our own Church of Christ, are less structured in the sense above. They are not necessarily less formal, but are typically less ceremonial. Churches of this type tend to vary a great deal from place to place in how they arrange their services, emphasize their rituals, and plan their sermon texts and readings. These churches are said to be "Low Church."

What Is the "Lectionary"?

A lectionary is a schedule of readings for a church to follow. They have been used for centuries, including ancient Christian churches and Jewish synagogues. Weekly homilies, sermons, and/or devotionals are derived from the interrelation of the assigned lectionary texts. In churches today, one common lectionary schedule is the three year rotation called the Revised Common Lectionary.

What Is This Podcast?

Both of the hosts of this podcast come from a "low church" point of view, but we also prefer the systematic routine provided by the lectionary. Each week, we prepare sermons and series of sermons based on one or more texts from the lectionary assignments. As low church preachers, we are not expected to do this at all, and as such we have a lot of freedom in how we approach and arrange these texts. This podcast is us working out the details of our lectionary plans each week. In addition to the texts we choose to preach on, we will also be considering the additional texts for those who might want to make use of them. We hope this podcast is a resource for sermon preparation and an encouragement for others who use the lectionary.

Who Are the Hosts?

Grant Sullivan is the Preaching Minister for the North Heights Church of Christ in Bixby, OK. Grant was born and raised in the Tulsa area. Following his graduation from the Brown Trail School of Preaching in June of 2007, Grant served as the Associate Minister for North Heights until being named the Preaching Minister in 2014. In 2009, he began studying at Oklahoma Christian University’s Graduate School of Theology in pursuit of a Master of Divinity degree which he completed in December of 2014.

Ben Williams (author of this blog) began preaching as a teenager and continued through college. For his undergraduate education, he attended the University of Oklahoma. Upon graduating from college with a B.S. in Astrophysics, he began full-time work as a minister. As of December 2015, Ben received his Master of Divinity from Oklahoma Christian Graduate School of Theology. He is currently working on a PhD in Apologetics from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Ben has been working as Pulpit Minister at the Glenpool Church of Christ since the summer of 2010.