February Apologetic Potpourri

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potpourri11February has been a slow month for me as far as reading apologetic materials. I have several ongoing projects, so the blog has taken a backseat. However, below are two worthwhile tidbits. First is the announcement that one of last year’s biggest discoveries vanished into thin air, but with less fanfare than it originally mustered. Well, it won’t pass without a little consideration here. Also, this month I am passing along an interesting take on God and mathematics. Enjoy!

1. Cosmic Inflation Evidence Deflated

Last March, I wrote about a discovery by the BICEP2 team that was being touted as the definitive proof of the Big Bang model of cosmology. I wrote then that I was not convinced that they had proven as much as they thought (read my previous article here).

It turns out that I actually gave them more credit than they deserved. Not only did the discovery not prove what they thought to have proved, the discovery itself was unproven! That’s right. This month, the big announcement has very quietly been retracted. It never happened. The evidence evaporated. Read for yourself:

The more interesting point is how much ado was made over the announcement, and how little concern is now being given to its falsehood.

2. “What Does God Have to Do with Math?” by Vern Poythress

This little article asks some questions about the harmony between our experience, our mind, and our mathematics. I especially like the consideration of the Trinitarian interpretation of singular universe with a plurality of creatures.

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