Get Out of the Way

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One of the simplest and most useful accounts of sharing Jesus with others is in the opening chapter of John’s Gospel. Notice three brief stories. First, we read of John pointing the people to Jesus, saying, “After me comes a … Continued

He Is Lord of All

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We are so accustomed to the global reach of Christianity that we may overlook how spectacular it is that we should know the God of Israel. It was the Apostle Peter who first took the gospel to those beyond the … Continued

From Child to Heir

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“I mean that the heir, as long as he is a child, is no different from a slave, though he is the owner of everything” (Galatians 4:1). Paul asks us to imagine a wealthy man with a child who will … Continued

Regarding Holy Days

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I’m a believer in the idea that healthy discussion can take place without cutting off ties or resorting to partisanship. Iron sharpens iron, and I believe those whose faith is tied closest together ought to expect the most from each … Continued

Finding Virtue

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Every person makes ethical choices, and they do so using an ethical model they have either intentionally chosen or thoughtlessly inherited. Here, we are not speaking about the standard of right and wrong so much, but rather the method by … Continued